Public Meeting

  • Attendance via previous registration on the Meetup platform.
  • Limited number of attendees depending on venue.
  • Costs supported via partnership and/or AgileDay.
  • Location to be defined by AgileDay (usually partnership)
  • Coffee Break supported by AgileDay (usually partnership)
  • Invited Speaker: transportation supported by AgileDay (usually partnership) in case it is needed.
  • Divulgation and Advertising: supported by AgileDay and Scrumday Portugal® via Scrum e Agile Alliance: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Website, shared Links, and everything else considered relevant.


Meetup Schedule Example

Topic defined by organizing entity.
(Timetable defined by organizer. The following times are ment to serve as an example only and not binding)

17h45 .:. Create “Channel” in AgileDay's Slack team in order to keep attendees connected and focused on the topic while generating their "Wow" moments in a colaborative way.

18h00 .:. Doors open and registration

18h30 .:. Begin - Talk (speaker invited by the community or organizer)

19h00 .:. QA

19h15 .:. Coffee Break

19h30 .:. Think-Tank ÷ How to … (What are the most important questions?)

20h30 .:. Finish

20h35 .:. Registration on our platform of all subjects discussed in the Think-Tank (OpenSpace)

20h40 .:. Question of the "week" for the international community via Slack