Pro Meetup

If you wish to organise a Meetup for you company, either a closed or open to the public, this is the first step to do so.

The venue and coffee break costs are up to you. Speaker transportation and additional costs are also of your responsability.

AgileDay and Scrumday Portugal® will provide help with scheduling and speaker logistics as well as advertising and divulgation via Scrum e Agile Alliance: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Website, shared Links, and everywhere else considered relevant.

If you thing you want to take the next step in Meetups and partnership with AgileDay and Scrumday Portugal®, check HERE.

Why use AgileDay Meetup?

All events are advertised to thousands of practitioners with the support of Agile Alliance, and every event contributes with Scrum Educational Units (SEU's) from Scrum Alliance, essential towards getting and renewing a Certified Scrum Profession (CSP) certification. Also we promote these events with entities looking for services, solutions or professionals knowledgeable in such themes as Devops, Lean, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, XP, Scrum4HW, Agile Marketing, High Performance Teaming™ and others.


Meetup Schedule Example

Topic defined by organizing entity.
(Timetable defined by organizer. The following times are ment to serve as an example only and not binding)

17h45 .:. Create “Channel” in AgileDay's Slack team in order to keep attendees connected and focused on the topic while generating their "Wow" moments in a colaborative way.

18h00 .:. Doors open and registration

18h30 .:. Begin - Talk (speaker invited by the community or organizer)

19h00 .:. QA

19h15 .:. Coffee Break

19h30 .:. Think-Tank ÷ How to … (What are the most important questions?)

20h30 .:. Finish

20h35 .:. Registration on our platform of all subjects discussed in the Think-Tank (OpenSpace)

20h40 .:. Question of the "week" for the international community via Slack